I have a hard time telling people what I do for a living.

Some of my work passions are very different. I mean, I am passionate about great branding and have helped people with branding and marketing strategies before. I am also passionate about Leadership, “Architecting” the Culture of an Organization, an individual’s strengths and wiring, with a little bit of recruiting and talent management sprinkled in there…

Confused? Well to be honest, so am I from time to time. I think this video makes it all make a little more sense. The WHAT that I do is a lot less important to me, and my boss, than the WHO I work for, and equally important the WHY that we do it.

I am passionate about a lot of the aspects of my job, but only because I care about the WHY we do it. We help people, and if we didn’t, I don’t know that I could show up everyday.

I realize that I am lucky, so I write to communicate two things… Appreciation for all the people that let me do what I do, and to encourage to find something that you really love to do. If you can’t do that, at least find a company that is doing the WHY that you care about. Nobody likes budgets, but if your budgets are a result from doing something that you believe in then it is a lot easier to wake up every morning.

Why do you wake up in the morning? Is it for a paycheck or because you believe in the WHY that you are doing?

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