The Great Reset


Favorite Quote:

“Too much of what led up to the crisis in the old bubble days – the conspicuous consumption, the latter-day Gatsbyism- was fueled by a need to fill a huge emotional and psychological void left by the absence of meaningful work. When people cease to find meaning in work, when work is boring, alienating, and dehumanizing, the only option becomes the urge to consume – to buy happiness off the shelf, a phenomenon we now know cannot suffice in the long term.”

Elevator Pitch:

Your college macroeconomics professor meets Seth Godin.

Overview: This is a good read to remind you that the rules that we operate under haven’t always been around. While this book mainly chronicles changes in our current culture based on the years that followed the two major economic crashes in US history, it .  I am a big fan of books that talk on a macroeconomic level.

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