McStarbucks -or- Branding Fail


It seems all too classic a story these days. A brand gets tired of slow and steady growth, so they throw it all on the line to stretch their brand to something that they probably shouldn’t. It seems like both of these great companies are envious of the other… and here are my two stories as proof.


I overheard a person in the drive through order a “Mocha Latte” to which the woman inside replied, “Which one you want? Those are two different drinks sir. One is a Mocha, and one is a Latte”

When the person asked the difference, the nice woman didn’t really seem to know, so I helped out and explained the difference in the two…



I walked in and ordered a small Pike’s Place, one of my favorite coffee flavors, but the response that I got seemed out of place at best.

The typical response that I am used to is something like “Would you like room for cream?” but on this day, they had taken a cue from McDonalds, and the response was “Would you like to upsize to a Grande for just $.50 more?”


Be yourself, don’t copy someone else… Especially not someone on the absolute extreme of the quality/cost scale! Don’t overextend your brand, no matter how desperate your current circumstances seem to be.