Some of my favorite tweeters

We all have had the day when you let the day slip away from you and before you know it, it is 12:00 and you haven’t checked twitter once. Oh the humanity…

On those days, there are people that you always read, and those that you skip. Most of the time I read my friends, and skip the more business-ish tweeters, but wanted to share some of the ones that I always read. I say these are my favorites, but before you get your feelings hurt, this is a list of complete strangers, and none of my friends, not even the really talented and interesting ones, have been listed. (you know who you are…)

So here you have it, my list of some of my favorite tweeters.

Obvious ones:

Harvard Business Review: Good tips for managers. Better management is the goal. Not sure I always agree with what they say, but from time to time, you can get some good nugets.

Bloomberg News: Bloomberg is a new one for me, but I am really enjoying it. They keep up with what is going on in the headlines with politics and the economy, but mix that in with a healthy dose of the startup world.

Garden and Gun Magazine: Inspiration. Good food, drink, and travel.

Fast Company: Good updates on all things business/innovation/trends. I screen this one more than all of the others, but it normally has some interesting/thought provoking reads.

Inc Magazine: Slightly more technical and helpful than Fast Company, but the same spirit. Where Fast Company is more popular news, Inc is more practical tips, information, and resources.


And for the slightly lesser knowns:

Lee Clow’s Beard: Great reminders/ kicks in the butt in the marketing and branding worlds. This one will keep you from being too impressed with yourself.

Vivek Wadhwa: Entrepreneur and professor at Duke and Harvard. Very sharp guy when it comes to all things start ups, venture capital, and globalization. (often linked to by Bloomberg)

Spike Jones: This world would take itself more seriously if not for Spike Jones. He is a great reminder that Social Media doesn’t matter, and would probably make fun of me for writing this blog. Oh well…

Richard Florida: Author of “The Great Reset” and all around master of macroeconomics as it relates to the recession. Read that book, and follow this guy. He is smarter than I am.



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