Quotes from last week

I learned quite a bit last week. Here are the top 10 quotes in bullet form:

1. Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. – Churchill
2. Raving Fans, not satisfied customers drive our business.
3. Detractors drive it in a different direction.
4. People derive their value from where they are in your “grapevine”. – Share info in a Up, Out, Down, Around system.
5. Your Capacity can’t be tested, only proven. – Carneal
6. That which we persist in doing gets easier, not that the task itself has changed, but our ability to perform it has improved. – Emerson
7. Everything you do tells a story, and we are all bad storytellers. – Brett Trapp
8. Be interested, not interesting. – Carneal
9. Don’t let the current circumstances of life distract you from what truly deserves your focus today. – Dad
10. Accept help graciously, you will have the opportunity to pay if forward. Just remember to do so. – Dad

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