One Page Talent Management – Book Review


Elevator Pitch –

If you lead the HR department, or are a small enough company to where as a business owner, you lead the people, then you must read this book.

Favorite Quotes –

“…remove any extra features and complexity, while simultaneously trying to add value into each to make the practices more effective.”

“There seems to be a gap between our knowledge of how to develop talent and our ability to actually do it.”

“Few managers enjoy having tough conversations with their employees. Giving feedback about subpar performance or explaining that a career goal will never be achieved significantly increases most managers’ heart rates. But transparent conversations like these drive higher performance.”


This is a very good book, that tries to make one compelling argument, make your employee development systems fit on page. If it is longer or more complicated than that, then it won’t be effective. If you are in the people managing business, you should read this. If not, it might not be very applicable to what you do.

Without giving anything away, the book’s overall thought process is three steps:

1. Start with the science (facts)

2. Eliminate the complexity while adding value

3. Create transparency and accountability

That is great framework for just about any part of running a business, but especially when creating a system that will be reproduced throughout a company. Make sure it is backed up with the facts, make it simple but effective, and then track it honestly.

In our company we talk a lot about a scoreboard and a clock, and try to create one for every person. People are more likely to hit there goal if they know what they are aiming at. This book takes it a step further and adds that if you can’t fit the goal on one page, then it is too much.

Keep it simple stupid. So true. Hurts my feelings every time.

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