Making Ideas Happen – Book Review


Elevator Pitch: Having ideas can be a lot more fun than executing them. Because of this, we have a lot of work to actually make ideas happen.

Overview: I am a big fan of this book, and a bigger fan of the system of productivity that it suggests. Without giving away the book, the author makes the argument that not everything in life is “actionable”, but by focusing on the things that are, we will be more productive, and therefore more likely to actually make those genius ideas that we all have come true.

Ideas are cheap. The real world influencers and changers are actually making their ideas happen. Disciplined thought and behavior leads to progress and progress begets progress.

Favorite quotes:

“Creativity X Organization = Impact”

“History is made by passionate, creative people and organizations with the rate ability to lead others – and themselves.”

“I always try to hire people with a high level of intrinsic motivation…”

“Feeling progress is an important part of execution.”


I had the pleasure of attending a conference led by Belsky while I was reading this book, and even though all of his examples, illustations, and outline came straight from the book, I highly recommend finding his next talk and buying a ticket. He is a great communicator with a very simple challenge, get stuff done.

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