Little Bets


Author – Peter Sims

Elevator Pitch – “Lean Startup meets Talent Code”… or… The best way to launch something big, is to start really, really small with a very small experiment.

Favorite Quotes- 

1. “The internet has reduced communications barriers and allows new players from different corners of the world to rapidly emerge and compete globally.”

2. “…[innovators] understand that failure, in the form of making mistakes or errors, and being imperfect is essential to their success.”

3.  “A playful, lighthearted, and humorous environment is especially helpful when ideas are incubating and newly hatched, the phase when they are most vulnerable to being snuffed out or even expressed because of being judged or self-censored.”

4. “Mainstream market research used to emphasize asking people what they wanted, but I have yet to encounter an executive who thinks traditional market research works for identifying new ideas.”

5. “Once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion that favor another small win.”

My thoughts – I really liked this book. It actually was a Christmas present so to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot, but was pleasantly surprised. I was really curious how is was possibly going to be different/better than Lean Startup, since I was such a fan of that book.

All in all this book was very good. I would say it is a much less academic version of Lean Startup, focusing more on the creative side of the issue of starting up than the empirical data of feedback that LS is obsessed with. It is a challenge for the individual to understand yourself as you start to test your concept and launch your idea.

This book is a kick in the pants to get started, not a guide on how to manage the product development process. This is a 30,000 ft view of why you should start moonlighting your idea to see if it works and that kind of thought process goes a long way with me.


I would suggest this one for the entrepreneur who hasn’t started yet, and Lean Startup for the one who has.

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