Don't be a drag!

I had a couple of comments on my previous blog that made me think I might need to clarify…

No matter if you are on a team, or work alone, you always have customers, clients, or some one that you work with when you work. I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t encounter another person at some point in their work process… (at least that would read my blog).

So, there is always a need to be a well rounded, personable, and not a jack-leg when interacting. Sure you need to delegate things you CAN’T do well, but there is a rising culture of forgetfulness, and lack of follow through, that can’t be pushed off on your “weaknesses”

I also love the “freelance guy” that can come in and help organize, restructure, etc… esp since I do that for people. I am just saying that there are always people that you work with, and if you are a drag on them, then your relationship won’t last.

Follow through, commit – only if you can deliver, don’t be a drag!

If you have push back, PUSH. I want to hear it.

4 thoughts on “Don't be a drag!

  1. i knew what you meant the first time…we are SO married.

    but there is nothing more frustrating when people write stuff off because its not in their “personality profile.” they use their weaknesses as excuses. it’s a helpful thing to know, but it’s not like you don’t possess the ability to at least try. in my opinion, it shows a lack of respect for your co-workers when you don’t try at all. personality tests should be a tool to help you learn how you work best and how to work efficiently. you should look at your weaknesses as a challenge to get better, not an excuse to take advantage of your co-workers.

    all that said, delegation is still key.

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