Documentary Report

I recently found the documentary section of netflix, watch instantly category. It has been a somewhat nerdy few days, but it has been a nice break from the typical TV shows that are normally streaming at the berg house.

My favorite part of a documentary is that you feel like you just read a book, and it only took you about 90 minutes to do so. Instant intellectual gratification is very rare in today’s world… outside of Shark Week anyways.

So, here they are, some of the highlights and trailers from the past week.

Food Inc. – 10/10

This movie will change the way you eat. That is a bold statement.

Beer Wars – 8/10

Very thought provoking. Changed my thoughts and opinions, but not sure that it will change my actions. Big difference.

WalMart – The High Cost of Low Price -5/10

Interesting, but they go a little overboard. Successful corporations aren’t always bad people. These guys might be, but don’t try to demonize business in general.

Helvetica – 8/10

Saw this the first time thanks to the guys at Matchstic. This is just a beautiful movie. I promise this will open your eyes to how much you stare at Helvetica everyday.

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