Classic Drucker


Peter Drucker

“Classic Drucker”

Favorite Quotes:

“knowledge workers must,¬†effectively, be their own chief executive officers.”

“The key to greatness is to look for people’s potential and spend time developing it.”



I decided to start reading some of the “old school” books on business and management. I feel like I have been reading a lot of new thoughts on how to manage in the new world, and to pay the old fellers their proper due, I thought it would be good to understand what got us to where we are now. Hopefully this trend will continue a bit longer. It has been valuable perspective.

Classic Drucker is a great book if you are in the business world, inside a medium to large organization, or do any work consulting with them. This is not a great book for an entrepreneur since the perspective is written for larger organizations. It spends a lot of time discussing how to make your departments, and people more productive, and help them develop into highly skilled executives. Very useful information if you are in that position, but for the rest of us.. not so much.

If you are at the executive level of a small business and looking for a highly technical resource to get you thinking about how to improve your organization, this is a good one. Just make sure you are ready for small type, lots of pages, and prepare yourself with plenty of caffeine. This was a tough book to work through on the beach this summer. (hence I am just now posting about it)


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