Year In Review – 2010 (so far…)

I had a wild idea earlier today that I should do a review of 2010. Well, what has happened so far anyways. It was a random thought, but now that I think about it, it really is a good idea if I do say so myself.

If you want to actually get some things done, it is good to constantly evaluate along the way, and not wait till Christmas to look back and see what you didn’t do.

Once your initial momentum starts to fade, it takes a kick in the pants to get a new batch.

So thank you… Thanks for being my kick in the pants.

I am not a multitask-er…

So I obviously haven’t posted in a while… My main reason for this is the fact that I haven’t finished a book completely since Rework. (which was very good) I thought about it further and realized that I have been dividing my efforts, trying to read 6 books at the same time, instead of focusing and finishing one a week. (See pic above for list of current reading material)

Since you are my accountability, here is my plan to finish these and get back on my 52 books in 52 weeks schedule… With focus I will finish in the following order:

Whole New Mind – (so far fantastic, very interesting left brain/ right brain stuff…)

Culture Making – (Very applicable at work)

Radical – (New book from my pastor)

Unfashionable – (Book by someone who would be my pastor if I lived in S. FL)

SuperFreakONomics – (Just plain fun)

Small is the New Big – (Great daily reminders from Seth)

Come to think of it, Small is the New Big might remain my bed side reading before I go to bed for a couple of months… It is that good.

Synergy or Cynicism

I have been spending a lot of time working with teams lately… everything from how well people are getting along, to do we have a good mix of the ever-overused word – “Synergy”.

It is easy to be cynical about the importance of teams and teamwork, because it has become such a “red ocean” of coaches, resources, etc.. In the midst of all of that, I bet at the simplest of levels we could all agree that teams are important.

All that to say, I just finished listening to the MP3 version of “Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team“, and it was helpful. It is a very simple tool, that can easily help you put a list of values that your team can all agree is the goal of the group. Then, once there is buy in, you immediately have a litmus test of how well you are doing.

If on the other hand you are stuck on being cynical about teamwork… then this is for you… ( – place for a smile today… if you have a sense of humor that is)

Kolbe Certification Conference – and two more books…

What a week, What a week…

This week i spent out in Phoenix, AZ becoming certified for Kolbe. Kolbe, if you don’t know will change your world. It will definitely change the way you work, think, interact, breathe, and just about everything else about yourself. Here is the quick version.

You have 3 parts to your brain. Not just two. The third part is just as much apart of you as your heart and soul. The problem is you have never noticed your third part. You should. It is very fun. This part is the one that determines how you work. (so as you can imagine it can be pretty valuable to know about yourself.)

So, my mind is full of lots and lots of theory, and still haven’t really concurred the overnight flight back from Phoenix. (Can you have jetleg from flying over only one time zone?) I am very excited about using this at Avalaunch (Where I work).

This week I read two books by the wonderful Kathy Kolbe, who started this whole Kolbe thing… Here and here they are. They are amazing books that will help you find out more about yourself, and more importantly, how to lead yourself, and others.

If you want to know more, then lets sit down and chat about it… to go into it further would make this blog very, very long…

thanks for reading!

Quotes from the Last Month

I have been to a lot of meetings, and even a conference, and I have a whole notebook full of great quotes from the last month… Here are the highlights:

  • You can’t do the courageous thing, unless you truly feel fear.
  • Our marriage should be defined by what we do, not what we don’t do.
  • Defense destroys – Offense creates
  • Nothing is insignificant
  • Pull Everyone into the Story
  • Ours was Mint M&Ms

Sorry that last one was a quote from a very heated game of Christmas Scategories at a Christmas Party…

You are invited…

To Blog or Not To Blog… That isn’t the question…

The real question is why do you blog. The trick is to find your people. This is something that I think I am still doing. I hope that this blog is a diary of things I learning, AND HOPEFULLY, a resource to those of you that are coming along the way with me. I would love for it to be a dialogue. (that is why i have comments open). So, push and pull. Don’t let me get away with incomplete thoughts. Tell me when I am wrong, or an idiot.

So there you go. You are invited. I don’t make money off of this. I don’t have a secret plan. I just want learn, share, and help others. Lets do it…

Thank You

To all who check in from time to time to check out this blog, I want to say thank you. This has largely been a place for me to share what I am learning as a twenty something in the working world. I am very aware that I don’t have it all together, and can’t say thank you enough for those that take the time to read.

That is all for today. Thank You!

The hoe is dead – Lessons from a stolen Tahoe


So what is there to learn from having your Tahoe broken into, then repaired, then stolen, then found, and finally trashed?

Lots. Here is a list…

1. People are going to get what they want. One way or another.
2. Red tape is frustrating for your customers. Cut the tape!
3. Never underestimate the Police.
4. Don’t overestimate the communication between diff police stations.
5. Someone values what you have. You just have to find them. (granted this is a bad example, because the people that valued my car, only valued it enough to steal it.. but it sounded good!)

RIP Chevy!