James H Kunstler – TED Talk


This TED talk has been really blowing my mind recently. It has both made me care more about where we live, and at the same time dislike the places that as James describes them, are the places that aren’t worth caring about or fighting for.

Just to be clear, this isn’t always a, downtown = good, suburbs = bad. The goal is meaningful places. Places that create citizens and not consumers. Places that create neighbors.

Please excuse the foul language in the video.

Documentary Report

I recently found the documentary section of netflix, watch instantly category. It has been a somewhat nerdy few days, but it has been a nice break from the typical TV shows that are normally streaming at the berg house.

My favorite part of a documentary is that you feel like you just read a book, and it only took you about 90 minutes to do so. Instant intellectual gratification is very rare in today’s world… outside of Shark Week anyways.

So, here they are, some of the highlights and trailers from the past week.

Food Inc. – 10/10

This movie will change the way you eat. That is a bold statement.

Beer Wars – 8/10

Very thought provoking. Changed my thoughts and opinions, but not sure that it will change my actions. Big difference.

WalMart – The High Cost of Low Price -5/10

Interesting, but they go a little overboard. Successful corporations aren’t always bad people. These guys might be, but don’t try to demonize business in general.

Helvetica – 8/10

Saw this the first time thanks to the guys at Matchstic. This is just a beautiful movie. I promise this will open your eyes to how much you stare at Helvetica everyday.


I have a hard time telling people what I do for a living.

Some of my work passions are very different. I mean, I am passionate about great branding and have helped people with branding and marketing strategies before. I am also passionate about Leadership, “Architecting” the Culture of an Organization, an individual’s strengths and wiring, with a little bit of recruiting and talent management sprinkled in there…

Confused? Well to be honest, so am I from time to time. I think this video makes it all make a little more sense. The WHAT that I do is a lot less important to me, and my boss, than the WHO I work for, and equally important the WHY that we do it.

I am passionate about a lot of the aspects of my job, but only because I care about the WHY we do it. We help people, and if we didn’t, I don’t know that I could show up everyday.

I realize that I am lucky, so I write to communicate two things… Appreciation for all the people that let me do what I do, and to encourage to find something that you really love to do. If you can’t do that, at least find a company that is doing the WHY that you care about. Nobody likes budgets, but if your budgets are a result from doing something that you believe in then it is a lot easier to wake up every morning.

Why do you wake up in the morning? Is it for a paycheck or because you believe in the WHY that you are doing?