But it’s Not Google

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Heart Surgery Atlanta

I love the idea of having a website to make life easier for me, but maybe it is better for people to retain the ability to find the information, organize it, and then make the best decision for themselves. If the system that finds information is openly claiming to help people make decisions, it doesn’t seem like it is a stretch for Microsoft to conveniently steer you to what is beneficial for them. (Or whoever pays them the most)

I don’t get this… Kudos for the trying to solve a problem for people. But unfortunately Google isn’t a problem.

2 thoughts on “But it’s Not Google

  1. I totally agree. Bing is an answer to a something that isn’t even a problem.

    My biggest gripe though is the atrocious design — looking like a “new” search engine circa 1999. It’s frustrating (and really sad) to see an $80 million project utilize such amateur (stretched!) type.

    C’mon Microsoft, you can do better than that. The marketing for Zune, your other decent but unnecessary product, is at least easy on the eyes.

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