Brains On Fire

Brains on Fire


Phillips, Cordell, Church, Jones


Elevator Pitch – Word of mouth is the only way to build a brand by creating a community of loyal, passionate, and raving fans. Also, social media sucks.


Favorite Quotes –

“Your ultimate goal should be to ignite something so powerful that if your marketing and PR departments or, God forbid, even your entire company got hit by a busy, your fans would pick up the banner and march forward with it.”


“Participation does not equal engagement.”


“Listen closely to what we’re about to say: 90% of word of mouth interactions happen off-line.”


“Companies are made up of people, and people are fallible. The ones that admit this win.”



Thoughts –

This book is brilliant. It is a very convicting book to read because it makes you feel really dumb for any attempt to build a brand or market your product, in a way that is even the slightest bit authentic. The stories they tell about creating, mobilizing and unleashing movements is so inspiring, and yet completely daunting.

You should read this book and immediately realize the huge difference between marketing/advertising your company, and having a product that is remarkable enough to the point where your fans do all of that for you. They can’t help it. It is a similar idea to Godin’s Purple Cow, but with more focus on how to start, build, and maintain a movement of your raving fans, where Godin focuses more on innovating and building a truly remarkable product.

Pick this up if you have any control in the story telling process in your organization. It will hone your skills, and hopefully inspire you to do something bigger than just push your message louder and to more people. It will help you inspire your fans.


And big thanks to @bretttrapphis blog for allowing me to pillage his bookshelf to borrow this one.

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One thought on “Brains On Fire

  1. David,

    Thanks so much for the very kind word about the book. It’s a HUGE compliment for you to compare it to Purple Cow, a personal favorite of the ages.

    And thanks for taking the time to write this review.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

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